new To Clubhouse? Thousands have Already Mastered How To Easily Navigate clubhouse Like A Pro in less than an hour, Even if you have 
No Followers using our program...

New to Clubhouse? Thousands Have already mastered How To Easily Navigate Clubhouse Like A Pro In Less Than An Hour, Even If You No 
Followers Using our program...

Top Moderators Who Are Crushing It On Clubhouse...

Clubhouse influencer who helps coaches and course creators scale their business with JV's.

TESTIMONIAL: "Getting to know Maya, has been nothing short of a blessing. She is extremely giving, goes above and beyond for anything she agrees to. She’s kind, generous and someone that I would always want in my corner! If you are thinking about working with Maya in some format, I would highly recommend as her heart and intentions are in the right place!" 
 - Latasha Mitchell

Clubhouse Influencer & Founder of the Largest Room on Clubhouse. - What It Takes To Run A 1 Million Dollar Biz.

TESTIMONIAL: "Maya is a powerhouse when it comes to networking on Clubhouse and Building Brands.  She brings energy and professionalism when she is moderating
 in my rooms"
- Kate Hancock

Clubhouse force of nature influencer. Known for products such as, shamwow, schticky, airpump wine opener and others.

TESTIMONIAL: After learning about the easy and simple implementation of the ''Clubhouse Blueprint for Newbies" from Maya, I'd highly encourage and recommend if you are looking to grow your followers and form new relationships with sought after moderators, this course is the perfect tool for you." 
- Lindsey Brooks

Mr. Erik "Awesome"
Clubhouse Influencer, Entrepreneur, 5X Best Selling Author, Global Speaker and Founder of Habitude Warrior Mastermind

TESTIMONIAL: "Maya is a powerful source and a wealth of knowledge in  both branding, marketing and clubhouse. You Can't change people around you. But, you CAN change people around you."
 - Erik ''Mr. Awesome'' Swanson

I Know What You're Thinking

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That...
What is Clubhouse Masterclass

Clubhouse Masterclass is a strategical tool used to increase visibility and sales on social platforms including: Clubhouse, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. if you're ready to stop wasting time and learn pro steps. Get this program today!

Here's What You're Going To Get:

Clubhouse Profile Avatar ($57 value)

One Custom Design Clubhouse Avatar: High resolution profile picture can be used for branding on all social media platforms.

Start Your Own Club Blueprint ($97 value)

Step by Step Guide: How To Start Your Own Club On Clubhouse. 3 Easy Steps To Launch and Monetize.

Clubhouse Bio Edits/Build ($97 value)

2X Best Selling Author will help you write a powerful, thumb stopping bio. The first 80 characters determines if your bio is a winner!

How To Navigate Clubhouse Blueprint ($497 value)

Clubhouse 101 Blueprint: How to navigate hallways, use emojis, ping, moderate, search rooms, follow, explore, raise your hands, mute your mic and so much more cool stuff!

Bonus 21-Day Strategy (Priceless)

21 Day Business Growth Template Strategy. This strategy in itself is worth a million dollars. "Structure Gives Your Freedom!" This tool is a game changer for all businesses! 

Total Value $748


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Avoid Boring Clubs. Avoid Club Fatigue. Avoid Rookie Mistakes. Save Time and Make Money! Fast Track Your Clubhouse Growth Like A Pro!

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ONE TIME OFFER $57 (Normally $497) : 45 Minute Bonus Call: (1) How to secure your .Club domain and Why (2) How to delete rooms and curate your hallways of interest (3) How to update, edit, and change Club image and/or update content (4) How to frequently host Clubs and best times (5) How to PTR (6) How to set up Back Channel and More....

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